Pilates Classes

Group sessions

pilates classes

Adds a feeling of ‘community’ to the Pilates session and are often lively with conversation. They are held at fixed times every week. Clients either have a regular weekly or fortnightly slot or arrange a time on a weekly basis to suit their diary. The session is for a maximum of 3 people.

Cost  £15 per hour
Booking essential

Times of group sessions

Tuesday 9am, 10.15am, 2pm, 6.30pm
Wednesday 6pm
Thursday 9am, 10am, 11am
Friday 12.15 pm, 3pm
Saturday 10am, 11am

Private sessions

These can be on a one-to-one basis, which are more intensive, working on specific issues or in greater depth and detail. I like to see every new client on a one-to-one basis the first time so we can cover safety issues surrounding the machines and to teach the basic positions such as neutral spine, breathing etc.
Private sessions are also available to groups of friends who do not want to join a group session.

Cost £40 per hour

Booking essential at time to suit both teacher and client.

A completion of a short questionnaire is required before the first session.

Please wear comfortable exercise clothing, nothing to revealing (that goes for gentlemen as well as ladies- suitable underwear please). Unless you have a good reason we practice in socks or bare feet.

I sometimes have a student teacher with me and may ask him/her to teach certain exercises or cover a session if I am not available.


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